Your commitment ceremony should be the jewel in a day of festivities: the perfect celebration of your love and life together, shared with your family and friends.


Whether a relaxed, intimate ceremony at home, or a formal ceremony surrounded by dozens, your wedding should reflect you and your relationship, caught in this moment in time.


Sally specialises in ceremonies that are fresh, modern and personal. Your celebration should evoke everything that is great about you, engage your guests and inspire them with the joy of your love. 




Naming Days


Life changes forever when children arrive. It is absolutely important to celebrate and officially welcome your bundle of joy, as well as acknowledge the transition to your new role as parents. 


With traditional baby celebrations such as baptisms waning in popularity or relevance, it is important to find a way to share your happiness and good fortune with your family, friends and colleagues.


Take a moment out of your (now very busy) life to share your joy and celebrate this milestone.

Renewal of Vows



Looking back at your wedding, that fresh-faced, innocent couple might seem almost unrecognisable.


With a renewal of vows ceremony, you can celebrate where you are now. Life is a whirlwind with children, careers, houses, friends and family, and it is great to take the time to acknowledge your growth and change.  As a couple and as a family, celebrate the life you have made together. 


Take the time to say "I made the right choice then, and I make it again today". 


Other Celebrations


Mark achievements, passages and milestones in your life with a specially-designed celebration. 


Birthdays, graduations, fresh starts, and farewells all deserve to be captured and commemorated as important moments in your life. 


Make an important moment an unforgettable moment by saying the words that are so often left unsaid. 


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