Tips for the Modern Couple 2

Tip Number 2: Get a video of the ceremony.

Your wedding day will go in a flash, and you will experience a heightened sense of unreality through the whole day. It's like one long dream, one long out-of-body experience. (Can you imagine how exciting and fun the whole day is?) When you look back, you will have some crystal-clear memories, but many moments will fade with time.

If you record the ceremony then you can watch it later with a clear head. Marvel again at the romance of the moment, relive the passion of your vows, see what you looked like from the back...

It doesn't have to be a professional video. Put a camera on a tripod in the corner and just let it run, or ask your teenage nephew to hold an iPad (they'll love having something to do!), or hang a GoPro from the roof.

You can then ask your guests to put away their devices and concentrate on you fully. No filter. No screen, just you, getting married. Did I mention how exciting it is?