Tips for the Modern Couple 3

Tip No. 3: Take a moment to define why you are gettting married.

It's a question that I ask my couples early on.

Why have you decided to get married?

This can be a surprisingly difficult question to answer, especially when your relationship has progressed in a natural, seamless way. But there are a few really good reasons to sit down and define exactly why you're making this commitment.

So, what difference will marrying make?

In theory, there are fewer reasons to marry than in the past. Traditional gender roles have dissolved so that both men and women are capable of looking after themselves without needing to legally bind themselves to another. So what's the point?

Although the practical considerations for marriage have faded, the emotional motivations are stronger than ever. To publicly dedicate yourself to another person and your relationship is a strong and pure statemtent in a confusing world. The need for loving connections will never fade: and now that we need to spend less time simply surviving, there is room for love to blossom throughout our lives. What used to be a luxury has become an imperative.

At the end of the day, our loves and our relationships are our greatest gift. So it's right to celebrate the greatest of all emotions and its power for good in our lives.