Tips for the modern couple 4

Tip number 4: Suit yourselves, respect tradition.

A wedding or commitment ceremony can be a fine balance between competing desires: tradition or originality?

Although it can be tempting to throw out tradition in search of a fresh and unique flavour, don't be too quick. Traditional elements carry with them the weight of the untold weddings which have preceeded yours. In using these traditions, we effortlessly invoke the timeless meaning of marriage as it has existed for hundreds of years, and will exist for hundreds of years in the future.

Who hasn't felt goosebumps anticipating a bride's arrival? Or felt deeply connected to the grand picture of love and life as a couple make their vows?

On the other hand, have you ever been to a wedding that was so relaxed that you never really felt anything, and left feeling unfulfilled?

Think about using tradition thoughtfully so that people recognise the importance of the occasion. Then use your originality to make the day all, all yours.