The second best thing to do in bed on your honeymoon.

Your favourite thing to do in bed is really up to you, and won't be covered in this post. But when you need something different to do, or you're lazing poolside on a sunny day, you'll need a good book to read.

To give you some great suggestions, I've called on international bibliotherapist Sonya Tsakalakis. She has suggested her 10 top books about love and marriage to read on your honeymoon.

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Here are the first three of Sonya's suggestions:

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim

A group of English women leave the cold weather and the significant others in their lives behind, staying in a majestic Italian villa. They rediscover wonderment and magic, and the value of their partners. This novel is a homage to the beauty of long-term romance in marriages.

Various Miracles by Carol Shields

A collection of short stories about long marriages. Some are heart-warmingly consoling, other stories don’t have the outcome the characters would have hoped for. All in all, these tales offer honest, psychologically penetrating insights into the little miracles that happen to couples over time.

Transatlantic by Colum McCann

A page-turning novel which crosses generations and countries covering the potato famine, the US civil war, the IRA and the first transatlantic flight. Ultimately, it is about love and family. The elderly couple offer a beautiful perspective on the notion of growing old together.

What's your favourite book about love and marriage? Commment below and I'll share them with more of Sonya's suggestions in the next post.

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