Ditch the Boring!

Eyes glazed over, looking around for the bar... Have you seen this guest at a wedding: or worse, been one?

After all the thought you've put into creating a wedding which is engaging and personal, don't lose your guests' attention with an outdated or stuffy reading.

Why not step away from someone else's words and find your own? Make every moment of your ceremony individual by using an alternative which says more about you and less about... well, clanging bells, for example.

Here are four suggestions which will make your wedding more interesting (and much more enjoyable!);

Your journey.

Find a friend who has shared the road with you, and ask them to give an insight into your relationship and how you got to this point. This can be refreshing, funny, and beautifully, your guests learn something about your history that they didn't know. It's not always what you expect at a wedding.


You're not the first or last people to get married, so make the most of the years of experience around you, and ask someone to share their advice on marriage. As well as personal advice from someone you love being actually useful, the people that are asked to contribute will be honoured and delighted that you are recognising their wisdom and asking for their help.

Personal poem.

If a friend has a gift for words, ask them to write something for you. Even if it is not as perfect as a famous reading, the fact that they are speaking to you personally more than makes up for it.

Personalised blessings.

Have friends or family write blessings for your future, your life together, your children, your health... and share them as a send-off at the end of your ceremony. Instead of an Irish Blessing, make your own personal blessings and use them instead.

Good luck! A good celebrant will have more amazing ideas on how to make your ceremony memorable - for all the right reasons.